With a Social Sync Coaches + VAs supporting you, you can finally concentrate your time & energy on scaling your business.

Need more assistance with your business? We got you!

You can hire a Social Sync Virtual Assistant (VA). The main purpose of a Virtual Assistant (VA) is to take over repetitive tasks that take up most of your time. With a VA supporting you, you can finally concentrate your time & energy on scaling your business.

Our VA subscriptions offer the flexibility of a monthly recurring plan, allowing you to cancel anytime without a long-term commitment. Please note that refunds, prorating, or carryover for unused services are not available.

Enjoy the convenience of our month-to-month service with the freedom to manage your subscription as needed.

10 hours a month

$240 USD ($24/hour)

20 hours a month

$480 USD ($24/hour)

30 hours a month

$720 USD ($24/hour)

40 hours a month

$960 USD ($24/hour)

***additional a la carte hours can be purchased at $24 per hour

Please note that using our CRM platform is not a requirement to take advantage of our VA program.

However, Social Sync CRM members benefit from discounted VA hours.

Book a Discovery Call to determine if you can utilize our VA's by the hour for:

Moving your platforms over to Social Sync

Short term project completion

(workshops, large webinars, setting up social media accounts, etc.)

Moving Over Platforms

Is the thought of moving over all your platforms to Social Sync overwhelming? Hire our VA's by the hour and let us take that daunting task off your hands so you can focus on doing what you love.

Small One-Off Projects

Do you have a short term project you would like a little help on? Maybe you are setting up a workshop, creating a large webinar, or setting up a LinkedIn page. If having regular VA support is not in your budget, take advantage of our help with a one-off project.

Large Project Management

A Social Sync VA can monitor the progress of internal and/or external tasks for you. They can alert you on tasks that are behind schedule or tasks that need your immediate attention. They can also follow up with your internal team to make sure tasks/projects are on schedule.

Basic Funnel/Website Updates

Specializing in website support, our VA team diligently maintains multiple platforms to uphold a robust & efficient online presence. They are adept at handling basic funnel and website updates, seamlessly uploading blogs and graphics using The Social Sync Website Builder.

Basic Updates on The CRM

A Social Sync VA can do basic updates on The CRM. They have been trained to use The Social Sync System. They can update your contact list manually and/or using a csv file. They can also upload your email campaigns into the system.

Email Management

A Social Sync VA can manage your inbox. They can organize or remove spam. They can flag/tag urgent emails that require your immediate attention. They can even respond to general inquiries using a personalized script.

Basic Social Media Content

A Social Sync VA can create basic graphics using templates from online platforms and create cations using Ai Platforms.

Social Media Engagement

A Social Sync Executive Assistant can take over your social media engagement. They can login using your account to like and/or comment on posts. They can implement a DM strategy for you and so much more.

Social Media Messaging

Similar to Email Management, a Social Sync VA can respond to general inquiries in your social media account using personalized scripts. They can also mark/remove spam. You can leverage them to alert you and your team of messages that require your immediate attention.

Facebook Group Management

A Social Sync VA can help you manage your Facebook groups. They can help you accept and/or decline requests. They can also do Social Media Engagement within your private and/or public groups.

Social Media Posting

A Social Sync VA delivers engaging content across social media platforms, offering comprehensive support to keep your brand relevant and connected.

Video Editing & Graphics

Our Social Sync VA Team provides video editing and graphics services, focusing on quality and audience engagement for compelling business content.

Copywriting & Content

A Social Sync VA excels in creating engaging, diverse content using AI for enhanced SEO, ensuring your ads, blogs, and other materials resonate with your audience. Our VA services specialize in crafting content that boosts your digital presence and captivates your target market.

CRM Implementation

A Social Sync VA specializes in CRM solutions, offering expert setup, campaign creation, sales funnels, and seamless system integrations. We provide continuous support and updates to ensure your CRM evolves with your business needs.

Data Mining & List Building

A Social Sync VA excels at creating growth-oriented prospect lists through advanced data mining and meticulous research, empowering your business's outreach and development efforts.

General Administration

A Social Sync VA offers comprehensive administrative services designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and focus on business growth.

Graphic Design

A Social Sync VA delivers diverse graphic design services tailored to your needs, spanning from marketing materials to website mockups. Our expertise enhances your brand's visual appeal, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Lead Nurture & Messaging

A Social Sync VA can help nurture client relationships through targeted messaging and lead nurturing strategies, customizing approaches to maximize client value and satisfaction.

Prospecting & Appt Setting

Specializing in identifying potential clients and setting appointments, Pinnacle Teams streamlines your sales process, ensuring optimal business efficiency.

Calendar Management

A Social Sync VA can manage your calendar. They can schedule, reschedule, and/or cancel appointments for you. They can send you daily reminders of your appointments for the day. They can also send out emails to confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointments with clients.

Customer Service Support

Everyone on our Social Sync VA team has a background in working as a Customer Support Representative. You can leverage a Social Sync VA to provide basic Customer and/or Technical support for your clients through chat, email, and phone.

Data Entry

A Social Sync VA can take over your data entry tasks. A few examples of these tasks would be creating invoices, transferring data from a pdf file to an editable file, transferring data from one platform to another, etc.


A Social Sync VA can do research for you. They can use the internet to find the information you need. They can research how to use a new platform. They can research the current trends in your business.

And so much more...

This is just some of what our VA's are capable of. Set up a discovery call. let us know what you need help with, and we will not only let you know if it's possible (it probably is) but what package will best suit your needs and budget. We look forward to helping you further.

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